The SEO Bend Oregon Businesses Need.

It would be difficult to live in today’s world and not have some idea that digital marketing is highly important. We see the people around us scrolling through their phones or typing away on their laptops at cafes. One of the goals of marketing is to meet people where they are, and they’re clearly on their phones.

But none of that explains what they’re really doing. How does it all work? How does a business succeed on the web, and how do they convert web traffic into customers in their local shops?

You need answers. We’re here to help.

While there are many strategies for online marketing, one of the strongest is still SEO, or search engine optimization. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it means optimizing your website so search engines like Google can find your page and know who to deliver it to.

While that explanation is accurate, it doesn’t fully dive into why SEO is so important and the depth of how it impacts businesses in Bend, Oregon.

The Power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization focuses on two key things. One of them is bringing a substantial amount of traffic to your website. This is a focus on quantity. The second thing SEO focuses on is targeting that traffic. This is a focus on quality.

Targeted traffic is the biggest advantage SEO has over traditional marketing methods.

Traditionally, you may have sent out direct mailers or put up a billboard to advertise your products or services to everyone you could in the Greater Bend area.

Today, you can target your efforts specifically to users searching for your services.

When a customer loads their browser and decides they need to find a dentist near them, they find you. On a global search, when they need to find the best gluten-free bread options in the world, they find a bakery selling gluten-free bread in their online shop based in Bend, Oregon.

The customer found exactly what they wanted exactly when they needed it.

That’s the difference of targeted traffic. That’s the difference a professionally done search engine marketing (SEM) campaign can make.

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What Makes Search Engine Optimization So Tricky?

Most search traffic comes through Google. Everyone wants to be on the top of the search result pages.

This creates a competitive environment. Not everyone uses legitimate means to compete.

Understanding this, Google keeps their algorithm secret. They are constantly updating and changing the hundreds of components they look for when deciding how to rank a result on their pages.

That being said, professional marketers have made it their business to watch the trends and learn what it is Google is looking for.

As a business, Google wants to deliver the best, most relevant pages to their users. They want quality content that keeps their users coming back and using their search engine over any others.

As part of any web development plan, it’s the job of professionals to look at your website, consider what your ideal customer truly wants out of it, create quality content, and then optimize both your design and your content so search engines understand what is on the page and who it is meant for.

With so many moving parts to SEO, and the constantly changing trends, this can be a lot of work to keep up with. As soon as someone thinks they understand what search engines want, the algorithms can change and so do the results pages and the strategies needed to make a page rank.

At Enhanced Brand & Web Design Agency, we have the experience to know how these changes work, how to make a page rank, and how to make it stay there so our Bend SEO clients get the targeted traffic they deserve.

What Local SEO Is

Local search is a branch of search engine optimization that focuses on how search engines know your website is meant for people in Bend.

When someone needs to find a local company for a specific need, they may ask their friends, but it’s always quicker to ask a search engine like Google or Bing.

The search engines know this, so they tailored their results to be locally relevant. This happens when people search “Lawyer Bend Oregon”, or when they search “Lawyer near me”, or a number of search functions that are geo-targeted.

Why Reaching Bend Customers Through Search Matters

Don’t underestimate how important local search is. Studies have been done on this, including one by Forbes that found 95% of smartphone users have performed local searches. Of that number, 59% went on to visit the local brick-and-mortar shop.

Users not only use search to find these businesses and navigate to them, but to find the hours they’re open, push a button in Google’s results to directly call the business and to find reviews of the company’s services.

These are hot leads.

These are customers looking specifically for you, or your competition. These aren’t the same as customers seeing your sign as they drive by or receiving a flyer in the mail. This is valuable traffic and it’s safe to assume that with a well-developed web page with optimized content, this level of targeted traffic will have a higher conversion rate.

Why your business needs SEO…

When a user performs a search, they see ten regular search results on a page. The top spots are the most valuable, and barely anyone clicks on page two. Most users find that the top three results are where they are most likely to get their best results, so if they don’t find it there, they will type in a second search rather than go on.

This is why Bend SEO matters so much for your business.

You need to professionally optimize your page so you show up in the top results when your customers go looking for you.

The Local 3-Pack

To better serve their customers, Google added a little bonus on to their results pages for local customers.

When users in Bend search for a local business, the results add in the local 3-pack. This is where you see a map with the top three Bend businesses that Google thinks a user would be interested in.

Is your business in the 3-pack?
The 3-pack gains a lot of space on the page and a lot of attention from users. In fact, a study by Moz found that 44% of users clicked on results in the 3-pack and looked no further. Users trust they will find what they need within that box.

Why Don’t Customers Just Come Into My Business?

Why do they need to do an online search, anyway? My business is here, it’s open, they drive by it everyday. Who needs the internet anyway?

Potential customers may be aware of your business. It may be that you’ve been established in Bend for years and everyone has seen you.

That doesn’t mean they truly know how your products or services can benefit them.

Search is how customers find the exact results they’re looking for.

Things they may have never considered when they thought about your business.

Maybe they know you have a restaurant. But do they know you have free wifi? Do they know if you allow pets on the patio? Do they know you have the best spaghetti in town?

If they browse on their phones and skim through your services page or the reviews on Google, they’ll know all of these things.

How An SEO Professional Helps You

It may seem obvious after reading through the above that an expert in search engine optimization helps your company rank on the search results pages. That this brings in targeted search traffic and makes you visible on the internet.

But it’s about more than being visible.

What’s special about what Enhanced Brand & Web Design Agency brings to bend Oregon SEO is that we have a broader understanding of how web development works.

Search engine marketing, social media marketing, web design, and brand management are all areas we have years of experience in. We understand how these components of your online image come together for your customers.

The Bigger Picture

When you enlist our SEO services, we aren’t just focused on ranking your page to bring in traffic. We work on reputation management so your company shines. We consider your brand, who your ideal customer is, and what is best for your Bend business.

Through ongoing SEO services, one-time on-site SEO, and/or ongoing SEO blog management, we work to make sure you are getting quality traffic that makes a difference for your online presence.

Ready To Take This To The Next Level?

If you’re considering taking your digital marketing up to the next level, you can get started by booking a time on our calendar for a free consultation to discuss the SEO needs of your business.


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